Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost and Found

So Tess is getting pretty speedy with the Army crawl.

Last night, she was under the coffee table when I went to the kitchen to get a drink.

When I came back, she had disappeared.

Under the couch. (Ignore the straggly threads on the settee. Chewie is not declawed and thinks that is his scratching post.)


Wendy said...

wow crawling already! i cant imagine maddie crawling...they grow too fast.

Lisa B. said...

Okay, I'm way far behind on your posts so I'm catching up tonight and want to comment on 3 things I noticed in previous posts. 1) My friend has the EXACT same side board (that you found for $40)and she painted hers black also!!! It's an antique that had been in her family for years. 2) Missy has the EXACT same exersaucer that Tess has. It was given to her from Carrie that she used for her girls but now Branson is going to use it. Laila tries to get in it, though. 3) I noticed from the Easter picture the cheese board is on the side board and the "wood" is not spray painted white like you wanted originally but Bobby didn't do it. Did you decide against it or just procrastinating? :)
BTW, I didn't notice the scraggly things on the settee...I noticed the cords on the floor where Tess was crawling and thought "Is that safe?" But what are you gonna do?

Lisa B. said...

Oops...the Easter picture with the 3 kids in front of the side board is from Krista's blog.

Special K said...

Oh now that's funny. I love that look on her face like she's totally busted. LOL!

Erykah said...

She's mobile! Hard to believe it. She looks like she's very active!