Tuesday, April 28, 2009


That's me. The blogger slacker. Well, that's not me up there. That's my hubby and my baby girl.

I worked several days in a row. Then I had a paper I had to write for school. Then I had to catch up on the shows recorded on the DVR, watch a couple Net*flix movies, clean the house, do the laundry, try out some new recipes. Oh, and I sorted through the older boys' clothes. So yeah, I've been a little busy.

Today, we went to Lowe's where I purchased some seeds and plants for the garden because I was under the delusion that I could just walk out back and plop them in the yard. Uh yeah, then I went out there today. Now, maybe it's just me, but I could have sworn it was just 30 degrees a week or so ago. Where in the world did all the weeds come from?

Oh, that's right. It rained, and rained, and rained. And just about the time everyone thought they would need machetes to dig out of the jungle formerly known as the "the yard", the rain stopped. And the sun came out. And it got pretty, freakin hot. I actually caught my husband turning the AC on. IN APRIL!!! Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, I didn't just plop the seeds down out back.

I did do some hoeing out there though. The kind you do with a garden implement, I mean. I think I might actually have one row weed free. And tomorrow it's supposed to cool off a little. And then it's supposed to.....rain, and rain, and rain. What the devil?

Hopefully, I will at least be able to get the plants in the ground before the rainstorms return. Forget the seeds.

On another note, I was down another pound and half last week. So I am now 176 working towards my second goal of 164. Why 164 you ask? Well, because

  1. It is the 15 pounds after my first goal

  2. It is under my pre Tatum weight of 165

  3. And it is around about what I weighed after my last diet almost 5 years ago. The one I started before I got pregnant, again.
Now, on to the baby pictures.

My cutie patootie, who apparently, doesn't nap enough.

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Wendy said...

love the sleeping pics...

sounds like you are super busy! but i knew that...i dont know how you do it...full time work, full time school , full time mom, and still have time to read twilight and blog! you are superwoman!