Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Grand visit

Or rather, a great grand visit. My grandparents were in town a couple weeks ago from Wisconsin. They stopped by for a quick visit while they were here. Tatum and Teagan reading books to their great grandparents.
Even though we only got to see them briefly, I'm glad they made it down here. Earlier this week, my grandpa had a stroke. He's doing "okay" but I think we're in the wait and see stage to see how much he'll recover. He's a strong old dude, so I'm sure he'll be okay, but if you could keep him in your thoughts it would be appreciated.


Erykah said...

That is an awesome idea to have the kids read! I bet your grandparents loved that idea!

Debbie said...

How's your grandpa doing? Hope he's okay. I'llkeep him in my prayers.