Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carving pumpkins 09

We brought the pumpkins in last night and set to carving them up.
The kids really liked it, but I was reminded why we painted them last year.

The stringy guts are a pain.

Luckily, my husband usually takes pity on me when I whine and say "this isn't working".

Notice the biggest T was absent from the festivities. He's way too cool for making jack o lanterns. The littlest T was about, crawling around our feet. I'm sure the pumpkin guts would have went straight to her mouth if we let her any closer. I'm already going to have to scan the floor for pumpkin seeds before she gets up in the morning.

I think they turned out pretty cool.

Mom and Travis's jack o lanterns

Tate's contributions

And Teagan's creation. Yes, he has ears, and "dots on his forehead".
I don't know, pimples maybe?
I think we'll try carving again next year. It wasn't too incredibly messy, and we will get to enjoy some roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum.

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Wendy said...

that looks like a lot of fun. you make me want to go and carve our pumpkins.........but i just dont have the energy! maybe next year!