Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Winter wonders

It's a wonder he came home. After a month MIA, Chewie came home. The neighbors found him in their basement Friday night. Not sure where he was before then, but he's pretty scrawny, so my theory of him warming himself in front of someone's fireplace is shot.

It's a wonder that he came home right before this started. This is the first 8-10 inches from the weekend.
It's coming down again today.
It's a wonder how this girl has grown cuter. She'll be 18 months old tomorrow and has entered into that pre terrible 2 stage. She is a sneaky little thing.
We have a gate up in front of the kitty litter box which has always worked to keep the dog out. Unfortunately, since our baseboards are so tall we have to put the gate higher. Tess has figured out she is small enough to squeeze UNDER. 
It's not a sandbox honey.

She is a bit of a climber too. Still hasn't figured out she's probably tall enough to climb out of the crib, but she has mastered the dining room chairs and table. It's not unusual to find her sitting in the middle of the dining table. Oh, and the computer. Yet another fascination. She likes to climb up in the chair and push buttons. All of the buttons. One day she had the screen turned completely sideways.

She still eats like a little piggy and doesn't turn her nose up at anything. Thank goodness. Let's hope the antipickiness lasts. And she's still a snuggler. Doling out hugs and kisses like the little princess she is.


Wendy said...

awww, glad that chewie is back! he does look skinny!!!! and tess is so darling...maddie loves to push the buttons on my computer too.

Debbie said...

Love the snow pics and the pic of Tess. She's a cutie!! So glad chewie came home! I am sure he is happy too!!!