Wednesday, June 02, 2010


That's where I've been. The land of busy.
I'll be posting some pics of our maiden voyage in the camper soon,
but in the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple pics that I'm sure my baby boy will eventually hate me for. Although, technically, his Dad took the pictures. I'm just sharing them with the world wide web. :op
And yes, the boy does have grasshopper legs.
Yet another excerpt from the epic "The Tragedy of an Older Sister"


Wendy said...

ha ha ha! That is too funny! He is going to die when he grows up and sees that pic of him! A good pic to show to his girlfriend!

Special K said...

Oh dear lord...

High heels, nail polish, make up and now a leotard, too. You have another girl now. Leave that boy alone already! LOL!

Sarah in MT said...

Must be a big sister thing - just ask David. Maybe he'll even show you the pic of him trying on the dress I made for Hope one year - believe he was in 4th grade then, but he still played along. Wonder the poor kid turned out half way normal at all. Although Bec might disagree about the normal part. Oh, the things big sisters do!