Saturday, June 05, 2010

Maiden voyage

We took the camper out a couple weeks ago. Since we had baseball games that weekend we stayed pretty close to home. Didn't make much difference because the rain poured down Friday night so the games were cancelled. Is it just me or does this spring seem particularly rainy?
Anyway, the campground we stayed at had a playground and a water feature thingy. If you were willing to shell out 5 bucks for a bag of sandy rocks, you just might find some treaure. The water thing was for sifting through your $5 bag of sandy rocks.
My kids thought it was just for getting wet.
As if that water play wasn't enough, a couple of them found their way down to the creek where they "accidently" fell in. From head to toe. Not sure if you can read Trav's shirt but it seems appropriate
"It seemed like a good idea at the time"
The look is because we didn't believe that they "fell" in.
Can't go camping without a campfire, no matter how wet the wood is
or how much lighter fluid you have to use to ignite it.
Yes, Tess is in her jammies. Is there any better way to eat smores?
Travis perfected the toasting of the marshmallows.
And just in case you needed proof, the big one came along too.
He was just perpetually attached to the IPod.

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Sarah in MT said...

This is what you call camping?!? Need to get you back out here to Wy/Mt and we'll show you what camping's really about. It doesn't include paved parking spots, water thingys, or playgrounds. But s'mores are good!