Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Where did it go? I'm pretty sure there was one but we just skipped right over it.
Or rather, I was too busy to post about it.
Pee Wee cheerleading ended with a cheer competition last weekend.
I am finishing up my clinicals. Have caught 40 babies so far and need less than 40 hrs to be done.
Which unfortunately means I'll have to start studying soon for my biggest test ever.

We did go to a Fall farm festival a couple weeks ago and helped celebrate cousin Braeden's 6th birthday at Magic Castle, which I would never recommend unless you have a saint's worth of patience or maybe some Xan*x.
I think there are pictures somewhere.

All the little cousins went trick or treating last night, and as you can tell from these pics, getting 5 kids to look at the camera at once is not easy.
I think Mia might have been looking in the first pic but you can't tell since her beak is in her face.

Penguin Mia, Princess Tess, Iron Man Teagan (sans mask), Vampirina Tatum and Darth Braeden

We didn't have alot of luck around our house last year so we went to a smaller local neighborhood where the houses are closer together and were more likely to participate.

Plus, I liked checking out the beautiful houses. Makes me almost want to move there except for what would I do with my chickens, and how could I afford the taxes? Anyway......

The boys discussing next year's costumes. Apparently they think Ghostbusters would be pretty cool.

The big boys stayed near home and went out with their buddies. Tanner did his own makeup while Travis basically threw a bandana over his face and called that a costume, hence, the lack of a picture.

Now to keep them from having candy for breakfast every day.....


Sarah in MT said...

So glad to see you back! Always enjoy hearing about your hectic world and seeing pictures of those fast-growing kids. Too cute.

HotDowload said...