Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome to the madness

that is the annual cookie bake.
Didn't actually take any pics of the process this year.
Adding a new little person to the mix meant that Aunt Krista was basically one on one with the little peep while I rotated around the table and kept the pans going into the oven.
Letting young folks roll out their own cookie dough is a bit tedious and requires some hands on assistance.
Hence, the lack of pictures.

We also got a late start due to some cranky girls in the family so it was a bit of a rush.
But my older peeps managed to finish all the cookies after everyone went home.

I'll let you guess which ones are their masterpieces. I don't want to take all the credit.

A change up in scheduling because of bedtimes and school tomorrow meant no Polar Express this year.
Not sure that anybody but the grown ups really cared.

We also took the annual penguin pic this afternoon too, but with 25 takes, a little creative editing is in order.


Sarah in MT said...

I've been waiting for photos of these 2 traditions - cookie making and penguin pj's - and wondered how this would work with little hands and early bedtimes. And cranky girls on top of it? Hope you're referring to the little ones and not the grown up sisters! Ah, the memories you're making - good stuff!

Mia's Mommy said...

Yes... this is much more difficult with a 14 mth old. And I thought it was tough before with all of yours and Braeden. Maybe next year will be easier. Wait.. terrible two's? Nah, guess not.