Monday, December 08, 2008

The Weekend in pictures

No, that is not breastmilk on my cheekDrifting off to dreamland.....

What was that flash of light?
Does he have to sit on my lap?
Travis's Christmas concert
(4th from the left, back row)
Sharing a seat
Uncle Travis came for dinner
Grandpa is visiting from Wyoming
What do you mean "where's my shirt"?
Playing in the first decent snow
Can I climb up there?
Up on the rooftop.....
Stringing lights
Later, that same day......
Meanwhile, inside....


Special K said...

Hey I was there, too. Thank goodness I avoided the camera. :P

Those lights look pretty damn good. See there are some perks to having a husband. LOL!

Libby@My Thrifty Victorian home said...

Oooh, the house looks so pretty. I just love Christmas time! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're children are absolutely ADORABLE. Love the name Tess!

Erykah said...

What a beautiful tree! I love the lights on your house. We're hopefully putting a tree up this weekend!

Oh and my present to you is not tagging you again :D