Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1

Is it really? December 1st? Already?
That means there's only 24 days until Christmas. 24 DAYS!
And only 22 days until Tatum turns 6. Yes, 6! That's like, not 5, anymore. Six is so much older than five. It's the transition from little kid to big kid. I'm not quite ready for this precocious girl to grow up.

Speaking of girls, my baby girl is 16 weeks old now. Still refuses to give me a smile for the camera. Once that orange light shines in her face, she stops smiling to stare at it. She reminds me of Travis and Teagan in this picture.

See? I had to catch her from the side to get a grin the other day.

Krista and I took the kids to the grand illumination downtown, which was followed by the Children's parade. My crazy kid Tatum says on the way there, "So, we're going to the city?" Uh, yeah honey, we're going to the city. Since we live way out in the sticks, all of 15 minutes from downtown. Unfortunately, I didn't charge my battery first and these are the only two pics I got before my camera died. I'm hoping they don't do it at night again. It was way too cold.


Laura McIntyre said...

Gosh they are all getting so big,
I cannot believe Tess is 16 weeks
now, mind you i should as my Ru
is almost 11.
Before we know it they will be off
and leaving us behind.

Erykah said...

Love her smile!! Happy Birthday Tatum. You're right, six is the big kid start up!