Sunday, February 03, 2008

A little of this and that

Please visit Krista's blog for info on the devastating snowstorms in China and to learn how you may be able to help. Although we don't think Mia is even born yet, it is where she will begin. And there are thousands of little potential Mias who are suffering right now. If you can help, please do.

On a lighter note, the morning sickness, fatigue, and strange dreams are all still here. Or is that a lighter note? Feels a little heavy to me. Come on second trimester!!!! Woohoo!!! I'm a waiting for you! What is up with the weird dreams anyway? And why can't they ever be good dreams? Now, granted, alot of the time I don't remember all of my dreams. I imagine those must be the good ones. But the other night, I dreamed about crocodiles for gosh's sake. Yeah, crocodiles! People falling into huge tanks filled with crocodiles! Ugh! Not only that, but unless I completely wake myself up after one of these spooky dreams, I will fall right back to sleep in the middle of it. Only then it's worse because I've incorporated myself or the kids into it. Freaky. Maybe I just watch too much TV. The crocodile dream did come a few days after watching Animal Planet, and the serial killer dream that appeared to be set in the 60's was after I watched the Zodiac. Oh crap, I watched Employee of the Month last night. Now, I'm going to have nightmares about Jessica Simpson. I guess I should stick with PBS and Nickolodeon.

I went shopping yesterday at Once Upon a Child. They were having their 75% clearance, plus a $10 bag special. Whatever clearance you could fit in a bag was $10. I bought none of it. Not only was it annoying because none of the clearance items were arranged by size, but what was available was not worthy of my $10. If you can imagine OUAC selling it for 75% off, it's probably not something you would have bought in the first place. I did find some maternity pants and tops. Yes, I can still squeeze into my jeans. It's just that my uterus is pushing my guts up enough that I can't suck in my stomach, and after I've eaten, it looks like there is a baby under my ribs, not in my uterus. So, it's either hit the maternity clothes so I have an excuse for my stomach, or walk around looking fat and frumpy. They always have those damn full length mirrors, which makes it darn near impossible to delude myself into believing that I do not have a fat roll around my lower abdomen, and that my butt is not as big as New York. That's the joy of only having bathroom mirrors in your house.

I did pick up a few onesies and sleepers. I know, I don't really need them now, but until this little person is moving around, I need something to make it feel real. Well, besides the fat rolls, morning sickness, fatigue, and weird dreams. I meant something good. And yes, they are yellow and mint! I can fight it! I will not peek, I will not peek, I will not peek.

I sqeezed into the bathtub yesterday with the little people. Tatum asked where my baby is. She thought it was funny when I pulled up my fat roll to show her the spot under my belly button where my uterus is creeping up. She then had to ask which way is the baby laying. Uh, I don't know, it's very small right now. Is it a boy or a girl? Don't know that either. She put in her vote for a girl. She said she wants a little sister. Teagan said he wants another Tatum. Ack, no! Please, not another diva. She then kept telling him to stay off my baby (belly), which was hard with 3 people in a standard bathtub, even if two of them still don't equal the mass of the third. He responded with belly kisses and "baby okay".

And yes, it is 5 am. Insomnia. Another of the many joys of pregnancy. Besides, after getting up to pee...... again...... the Fruity Pebbles were calling me.

*UPDATE*: Just for Krista, frequent urination is a symptom of pregnancy in the first trimester, and a side effect in the third trimester. Got it?

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Special K said...

Thanks for posting that. Maybe some of your friends will feel compelled to help too. You probably saw the e-mail I sent out to the family. It's generated a few more donations already. Yay!

And you're peeing a lot already? I thought that came late in pregnancy. Well, have fun with that. :)