Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Halfway there

We've hit 20 weeks, the halfway point. Although, I usually birth about a week early, so I guess I may have been halfway there a few days ago. Anyway..... The little bean is a little more active now. I am feeling more definite movements, like light little bumps, here and there. Especially when I go way overboard and eat pizza, Cheetos, cookies, peanuts and Pepsi, all within a 12 hour shift. Man, nurses are bad influences. I packed fruit for dinner. It was still in my lunch bag come morning. I'm feeling much better these days. The nausea is fleeting, only noticed here and there, if I eat too many carbs, or don't eat often enough, or cough too hard..... It has been replaced with indigestion. Oh yay! I will be needing to stockpile some more Tums soon as I am almost out.

So, halfway there, and still so much left to do.....


Cindy said...

You look fantastic! WooHoo for halfway marks!!!

Debbie said...

I'm so glad everything is going well for you! Glad the nausea is almost gone! I never had taht too much, but oh, the heartburn!!! It was awful. I should have taken out stock in Tums and Rolaids! Good luck! You look great!!
Love ya!