Monday, April 28, 2008

The bean update

This is at 23 weeks. I think my front may have balanced out my rear.

The little bean is very active these days. (Can I still call hir a bean at almost a pound, maybe a potato or a cucumber now? The little cuke?) He/She is especially active after a cherry coke fix. I think I have decided, that is my official craving for this pregnancy. They have all been unique, and it's funny, because the kids seem to really like the things I craved during their pregnancies.
Tanner - tacos
Travis - chocolate
Tatum - potato chips
Teagan - pineapple
Chocolate is my mortal enemy this time. As is orange juice, peanut butter, and all things that cause you to burp. Oh, I still eat them, and have suffered. But, I have now discovered the wonder drug Zantac. It is my new best friend. Right next to it's buddy, Colace.
So, besides the heartburn, constipation, and wetting my pants on a regular basis, things are going well. LOL I had an appt a couple weeks ago and the babe sounded good, even threw in a couple belly button jabs for good measure. Apparently, the heartburn doesn't affect my appetite as much as the nausea did. I put on 7 pounds during the 5 weeks between appts! More than I gained in the first 18 weeks total! Ugh! Hopefully, that slows down a bit. Next appt is in May, it'll be time for the yummy glucola test. Mmm, my mouth waters just thinking about it. Do you think they have a cherry coke flavor?


Laura McIntyre said...

I think you are looking great, i craved Dr Pepper (thats a type of Cherry Coke right? ) During my last pregnancies but cannot touch it this
time around.

Lisa B. said...

I also wet my pants when I sneeze, cough, laugh,etc. But I only had one child so I'm chalking it up to old age!! Looks like I'll have to put plastic on the furniture when the cousins get together in June! snicker, snicker. Oh, sorry, did I make you crave chocolate? teehee.