Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Road trip!

So who hasn't heard that Skybus filed for bankruptcy and ceased all flights? Those of you who read Krista's blog have already heard about her adventures with Skybus in North Carolina. But what she didn't mention is that she had also purchased tickets for her, the kids and I to go to Wisconsin to see our grandparents in June. While I wasn't necessarily looking forward to navigating the airport with 4 kids in tow at approximately 32 weeks pregnant, I was looking forward to the visit. Even though I haven't flown post 9-11, I know that it would have been a hassle to drag my chicks through airport security shoeless with carry on baggage only. We did mention to them that we were flying up there, and they were pretty excited about that aspect of it. Tanner is the only one who has been on a plane and he wasn't even old enough to remember.
Hopefully, they will have forgotten that part by June. So, looks like instead we'll be planning a ........ROAD TRIP! Okay, contain your jealousy. I know everyone gets excited about taking 4 small children on a 10 hour car ride.
Thank goodness for portable DVD players.


Special K said...

Oh.. flying would've been a breeze. Trust me. I've done it so much lately. We'd get thru security easily. I'm a pro now.

I'm pretty disappointed. Flying would've cut the travel time in half. Plus it would've been way more fun for the kids. So I'm sad they won't get to do it.

Would it be wrong to spike their punch with Benadryl before we start the drive? Or maybe vodka?

Cindy said...

Oh no! Did you buy the tickets already? And if so did they refund them? What a bummer! Hope the trip goes well for all of you. It really is not too bad. I have a 14 hour trip with my 5... last year I did it with the 4 we had then and it went very well both ways, so I hope the same for you! HUGS!

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