Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back from the dead

Well, not the dead, but homework hell at least. I finished the hellatious essay I have been putting off. Honestly, it wasn't that terrible. I am just a major procrastinator. Now, that it is done and out of the way, ah, a weight has lifted. Only 4 more weeks of this term.

So, on to the shots of Tess. She had a bad night last Monday and I thought our sleeping through the night days were over. Luckily, it was just a tummy ache and she was back to her regular schedule the next night. She is 13 weeks old today, and I imagine, up to about 12 pounds. She's feeling a little heftier to me. It kind of sucks though because she is in between sizes. Don't I know the feeling? :op I've brought out all her 3-6 month clothes, but she's not quite out of the 0-3 stuff. Which translates to, there is a whole lot of baby clothes piled up in my room.

What is that in her mouth?

Moving in for a closer look....

Ah yes, it's that thumb she loves. Actually, she loves her left thumb. I'll be! My girl is ambidextrous. Notice the defensive wounds on her little nose. Apparently her fingernails got in a fight with her nose. Maybe to settle the dispute, the left thumb is not allowed in anymore so the right thumb had to pick up the slack. Hmm...... What? No, I don't get out much.


Erykah said...

How tall is Tess? My skinny-minny Nathaniel is in 3 -6 months but I'd bet he's less than 9 lbs still. Gotta love that thumb, she's too cute!

Erykah said...

I bet he's a bit taller, he was 22 inches at birth and was 23 1/2 a few weeks ago. At least he's growing in some direction!

Yeah, I stopped at the obvious dairy plus tomatoes and he's 100% better. So strange that only one of my four biological children have a dairy protein allergy.