Monday, November 03, 2008


To update you on school:

  • I'm on week 4 of this term.
  • I've been putting off my health history assignment for my assessment class.
  • I finally did it. It took me 3 hours, but it's done.
  • I love it when things are done. So far, I have a 98% in Physical Assessment. Not sure about Communications because she doesn't post the grades.
  • Turned in the final draft of my expressive essay for communications.
  • Moving onto my argumentative essay.
  • Only 7 more weeks to go.

  • Tatum and Teagan like each other, sometimes.
  • I caught them watching TV like this.
  • Right now, they are fighting.
  • Tess found her thumb.
  • She loves it.


Special K said...

I thought Teagan considered Tatum his best friend. Guess it just depends on the day, right?

PS. I had to laugh about the "argumentative" essay. I'm thinking you'll ace that one. LOL!

pedalpower said...

What beautiful children! My oldest was thumb sweet...and it never falls out and rolls under the crib like a pacifier!
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