Saturday, November 29, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

For those of you who wondered about buy nothing day, check out Adbusters.

To quote Wikipedia " Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism observed by social activists. "

I already mentioned that I never shop on Black Friday. Partly, because I hate crowds and shopping combined. I am probably one of just a small number of women who can start shopping, then leave a cart sitting in the middle of a store because I've lost motivation. I don't enjoy shopping. Call me weird.

And on the day after Thansgiving, the level of insanity is outrageous. There is nothing I need so badly, that I would be willing to get up at 3 am or earlier to stand in line for hours waiting. And this latest incident at Wal mart, just proves how crazy it is. Supposedly the economy sucks, people are out of work, we are in a recession (or heading there depending on who you talk to), banks are being bailed out by the government, the auto industry wants a handout, and still, people participate in the craziness that is Black Friday. This country will never change until more people realize that we need to consume less.

Unfortunately, we failed at not shopping on Friday. Or rather, my husband failed. Of course, he didn't get up insanely early to go shopping, and he didn't even set out to buy any Black Friday deals. He really only took advantage of the day because Krista and I took all the kids to the Grand Illumination and the Children's Parade.

He bought a new dishwasher and TV. I know. Not really a good example of consuming less, but our dishwasher bit the dust a few weeks ago, and our TV even longer than that. I like to think that we're saving a little energy and water at least by purchasing new. Who knows how many gallons of water we have wasted down the drain? And let's not even discuss how it was slowly driving me insane to leave the TV on constantly because if you turned it off, the screen would be green when you turned it back on.

Black Friday can be fatal

I never shop on Black Friday, never. Mainly because I hate shopping, and crowds. Put the two together, and it's a situation I really don't want to be in. But tolerating the crowd is nothing compared to being trampled to death by a throng of mad shoppers. Does Wal mart really carry anything so significant that it's worth the life of another?

"By 4:55, with no police officers in sight, the crowd of more than 2,000 had become a rabble, and could be held back no longer. Fists banged and shoulders pressed on the sliding-glass double doors, which bowed in with the weight of the assault. Six to 10 workers inside tried to push back, but it was hopeless.
Suddenly, witnesses and the police said, the doors shattered, and the shrieking mob surged through in a blind rush for holiday bargains. One worker, Jdimytai Damour, 34, was thrown back onto the black linoleum tiles and trampled in the stampede that streamed over and around him. Others who had stood alongside Mr. Damour trying to hold the doors were also hurled back and run over, witnesses said."

Read the entire article here.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Automatic Lock Controversy

Similiar story, different day, different kid. This time it wasn't me who locked the doors, and it was Teagan who was stuck in his car seat.

I went to the gas station this afternoon, intending to jump out, get some gas, and go on my merry way. So I pull up, turn the car off and get out. Little Miss Tatum asks if she can get out. I say no, and shut the door. Not locking it, because who does that while they are pumping gas?

I have an obstinate 5 yr old though.

Sure enough, not more than 2 minutes later, who do you suppose is climbing out of the front seat?

She opens the driver door, says "I got out", grinning, of course. Then hops to the ground, shuts the door and........ CLICK!!! There went those damn automatic locks again. I assume she must have hit the button while she was leaning on the door's arm rest to get out, because I know it didn't click when I got out.

Teagan, unfortunately, has not mastered the art of extracating himself from his car seat. So, he was left alone, in the locked van, with my keys and cell phone, while I had to explain to the clerk that I needed to use his phone because somebody locked her brother in the car.

Bobby was none too happy since I was 25-30 minutes away and he had just put Tess down for a nap. It might have been faster to call the police, but I wasn't calling them and looking like idiot Mom again.

So, Tatum and I stood out in the cold, freezing our ears off, while Teagan sat in the warm van munching on chicken nuggets and fries. He didn't seem to mind at all.

Needless to say, he was the only one who was spoiled with a blue raspberry slushie from Target half an hour later, while Tatum was sent home with Daddy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

15 weeks

Okay, Tess is actually 14 weeks in this one, but the hair just cracks me up. These are 15 week shots.
She is playing with more toys now, although she tends to whack herself in the face with them, since she has a fascination with eating her hands.

Check out the cheeks on this girl. Don't you just want to pinch them?

Cheap help

Our dishwasher bit the dust a couple weeks ago, so we've been washing dishes by hand since then and letting them dry in our under counter dish drainer. One day, the little people decided they wanted to help.

Teagan seemed to end up with more water on his shirt, than in the sink.

While it is cheaper than buying a new dishwasher, I can't guarantee it will help the water bill at all.
And yeah, the cat food is on the counter. Buddy doesn't agree that she should be on a diet, so when she is in the house, she steals Chewie's food. He's not too happy about that.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another raffle!

I visited Krista's blog today and learned about her friend Kris, and Krista's unusual fascination with albino squirrels. You'll have to check it out yourself to see what that is about, but I can tell you about Kris.

Kris is another mama adopting from China who is trying to raise funds for her adoption fees. She is offering up a Wii! And who couldn't use a Wii, especially for Christmas?!?! Follow the button to the right to see how you can make a small donation, or a big one if you like, and be entered in the drawing for the Wii gaming system.


Search Flickr for family names. What do you see? Tess





Got this idea from Tabitha.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Buckeyes Rule!

Go Bucks!
OSU vs Michigan
November 22
Game time 12 noon

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

R U ready

For some football?!?!The boys went with Aunt Krista to the Bengals game on Sunday. Despite freezing their butts off, they had a good time. Check out her blog for the shenanigans.
Darn. I keep forgetting how many kids I have. The OLDER boys went to the game.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back from the dead

Well, not the dead, but homework hell at least. I finished the hellatious essay I have been putting off. Honestly, it wasn't that terrible. I am just a major procrastinator. Now, that it is done and out of the way, ah, a weight has lifted. Only 4 more weeks of this term.

So, on to the shots of Tess. She had a bad night last Monday and I thought our sleeping through the night days were over. Luckily, it was just a tummy ache and she was back to her regular schedule the next night. She is 13 weeks old today, and I imagine, up to about 12 pounds. She's feeling a little heftier to me. It kind of sucks though because she is in between sizes. Don't I know the feeling? :op I've brought out all her 3-6 month clothes, but she's not quite out of the 0-3 stuff. Which translates to, there is a whole lot of baby clothes piled up in my room.

What is that in her mouth?

Moving in for a closer look....

Ah yes, it's that thumb she loves. Actually, she loves her left thumb. I'll be! My girl is ambidextrous. Notice the defensive wounds on her little nose. Apparently her fingernails got in a fight with her nose. Maybe to settle the dispute, the left thumb is not allowed in anymore so the right thumb had to pick up the slack. Hmm...... What? No, I don't get out much.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Professional Pics

We had a photographer come to the house to take some pics of Tess when she was 3 weeks old. Here are a few to preview. If you want to see more, click here .

I love this photographer. She also took the pics of Tatum and Teagan last year. You can see those here towards the top of the page. Click through the pages to see her other work. If you're local, you can get her contact info here.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

3 months

Tess is 3 months old! I think we are on day 5 or 6 of sleeping through the night, which is just weird for me. But if this is a trend that wants to continue, I'll accept it. I know it may not be such a big deal to some, but this is the first time I have had a baby just fall into a schedule. Pretty sad, considering I've done this 4 times before.
I co-slept with the rest of them. Tatum demanded it from birth on, so I didn't even try the crib with Teagan. I assumed Tess would be a co sleeper too since her early days were similar to Tatum's demeanor. But she has morphed into a mellow little person, much more reminicent of Travis's early days.

Don't feel bad if you get confused when I throw out alot of names. I get confused sometimes too. She is starting to play with toys now, and smiling and laughing more. Unless the camera is around. Then she just stops to stare.

Master of the Rings

Teagan is still loving little sis. We'll see how he feels in another year when she is swiping his toys. But for now, he says things like, Tess is cute. She smiled at me! I yike Tess.

Tatum still wants to hold Tess all the time, at least until she cries.
Unless, of course, she is passed out on the couch.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Day 3

Last night was the third night of 8 hours of sleep for Tess. I don't know how we got her on a schedule. But I like it! I nursed her, then laid her down in her bed. She fussed for half a second, found her thumb, then promptly fell asleep. Pretty cool, huh?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I helped

Turn Ohio Blue!
I cannot even describe the feelings I had as I listened to Obama's victory speech last night. Excitement, hope, peace....... I know many others are feeling the same way. What a historic and hopeful time we are in. I was so happy when I watched Ohio turn blue on the map. I remember 4 years ago when it didn't. I remember what I felt then, the disappointment, the fear, the grief, like my vote didn't count, my voice wasn't heard. But last night, the world heard loud and clear that Americans are ready for change, we're ready for hope.
And I believe this man, gave us that hope.
Now that the election is over, and history has been made, I will get back to the taleing of the T's. Unless I feel like talking politics, because that's just how I operate. I'm a spontaneous, fly off the handle, lack of a filter kind of girl. Oh wait, one more political thing. So Travis, my 8 yr old comes downstairs to tell me goodnight last night. I was watching MSNBC. He saw that McCain had won, I don't know, like Alabama, and thought that meant he won the election. He seemed a little disappointed. I'm not sure why because I certainly don't discuss political things with my kids. I figure there is time for that when they are old enough to understand the issues. But somehow, both my boys picked up tidbits from school and decided who they liked. According to their friends, McCain is old and is about to die, and he is going to raise taxes. Where do kids get this stuff from?
Anyway, I tell him that no, that just means McCain won that state, but the election isn't over.
So he asks me, can you come and wake me up if Obama wins?
I say, can't I just tell you in the morning?
No, you have to come and wake me up to tell me.
Needless to say, I didn't wake him up.
I am proud though that my 11 yr old has supported the Democrats for the last 4 years, with no prodding from me. Really.
So, back to the T's.....
My baby girl slept 7-8 hours the last two nights in a row. I don't know how, or even if it will ever happen again, but I am thankful. We've been putting her to bed in her crib, which is a little weird for me, because I'm normally a co sleeper, but it's what works for her. I still bring her to bed with me to nurse when she wakes up between 4 and 5, but she is falling into her own schedule. It's a nice change. Tatum was so high needs, she didn't sleep in her crib for a year. And still woke through the night until then. I just started Teagan out in our bed because of my experience with Tatum. I have to admit, I'm kind of liking this schedule thing.
Tess is a bit of a self soother, when she's sleepy. Thanks to this, the thumb

Tess likes her big brother, almost as much as her thumb. He just has to stand there and she smiles at him. Not fair. I have to work to get the grins out of her. She is getting more vocal too. She coos and gurgles and agoos. I know, not a real word, but that's what she says.

My sweet Tatum, when she's sleeping anyway. She apparently was too tired to go to bed and passed out on the couch instead.
How she slept like that, I don't even know. To see her cute ballet pics, you'll have to check out Krista's blog. I had to work on her observation night. They only let the parents watch every 9 weeks or so. It's all secretive like. According to Krista, Tatum is doing really well. She seems to be a natural. Which isn't too surprising, since she loves to be the center of attention. Check out the pics over there. She is pretty darn cute.

Yes we can!

I'm so proud of Ohio.

Monday, November 03, 2008

You know what to do


You can vote however you like. Just vote.
(Pause the playlist.)


To update you on school:

  • I'm on week 4 of this term.
  • I've been putting off my health history assignment for my assessment class.
  • I finally did it. It took me 3 hours, but it's done.
  • I love it when things are done. So far, I have a 98% in Physical Assessment. Not sure about Communications because she doesn't post the grades.
  • Turned in the final draft of my expressive essay for communications.
  • Moving onto my argumentative essay.
  • Only 7 more weeks to go.

  • Tatum and Teagan like each other, sometimes.
  • I caught them watching TV like this.
  • Right now, they are fighting.
  • Tess found her thumb.
  • She loves it.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

12 weeks

We had a bit of an adventure yesterday. Tess and I were on our way to a baby shower, when we stopped by Target for a baby gift. I have those goofy automatic locks on my van. You know, the ones with the lock button on your keys. I pushed the lock button on my way into the store but didn't hear it click. I didn't pay too much attention to it, but I'm sure you can guess where this is going. When I came back out, I noticed that the side door hadn't slid completely shut, hence, it didn't lock. Not thinking this might mean that it still wanted to lock since I had pushed the button 20 minutes before, I stuck the diaper bag, with my keys and cell phone in it, between the seats, snapped Tess's carseat in, slid the door shut! Instantly, the doors locked. And immediately, I freaked out, which is why I can't understand how parents can forget their kids in the car. Anyway, since my cell phone was in the now locked van, I had to run back into the store to ask for help. I'm not sure how the lady understood me as I was near hyperventilating when I sobbed something like "Can I use the phone? I locked my baby in the car."
She told me to go wait back outside and she would call for help. One of their security guards came to wait with me until the police came. Luckily, it was the only 70 degree day in NOVEMBER! Unfortunately, not paying attention to the weather, I dressed her in fleece. She was amazingly calm, stuck there in her carseat, in an unmoving, hot van. Normally, if we're not rolling, she's not happy. But yesterday was a particularly good day for her. Good thing, because Mom wasn't calm at all, especially when I noticed she was starting to sweat while waiting for the cop to mosey his way on out of his car to fiddle with my lock. Of course, they make you sign a release, which is understandable, but I was very near the "let's just break a window, could you hurry the hell up, that's my baby in there" stage.
After 20 minutes of sweating, she was rescued, and none the worse for wear. We went on to the baby shower where she was promptly held and coddled by "aunt" Missy, then passed around for more spoiling. I think she rather enjoyed it.
Moral of the story. Have keys in hand before shutting your baby in the car. Five kids and this is the first time I've locked one of them in there.


Took the kids to Bounce U this weekend for their open bounce, really early in the morning. No wonder they say jammies welcome.

Everybody liked the ball blaster.

This is one of the bounce pros helping Teagan climbed through an insanely tall web of stretchy, elastic cords. Tatum went up a few times and said it was pretty hard.

Travis was pretty good at shooting hoops.
Maybe we should have thought about basketball for him.

I know, my camera doesn't do action shots well, but I thought they were cool anyway.