Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First quarter review

Being that it is the end of March, I thought I would revisit my 2009 resolutions goals.

1. I will lose 10 pounds.

This one is going well. I have lost 7 pounds, so am already over half way to my measly goal.

2. We will work harder at paying down our debt by paying off at least 2 credit cards.

Half way there too. I used our tax refund to pay off one of our major credit cards. And we've jumped on the Dave Ramsey baby step train, so we're on our way to getting rid of the rest of our debt.

3. Stay in school.

Another half way point. I am half way through my first year, starting my third quarter next week. Yay!!! And I finished that dad gum stats class. There always seems to be one class I dread each quarter. This time it will be Community Health, I think. It seems very involved. We'll see how it turns out.

So, being halfway through my goals at the quarter mark, means I will have accomplished them all at the halfway point, right? Nope, not really. While I hope to have lost 10 pounds by the end of June, and would love to have another credit card paid off by then, I won't actually be done with my first year of school until August.


Angie said...

You should be proud of yourself...you accomplish a heck of a lot. Going to school and raising 5 children is not an easy feat..and somehow you still have the energy to make ant cakes and spray paint stuff and work...and..geesh who knows what else! We are working on paying off our debt too and I hate that we ever ran one up in the first place..lesson learned, huh!

p.s. your bunny background is so sweet!! love it!

Sarah in MT said...

Gees, that's more than I get done in a year! Way to go, Carla!