Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Baby Tess is seven months old now. She is a happy,boisterous girl. Her favorite phrase is "Dadadada Ahhhhhhh Phttt". Not sure if that is a happy phrase, or she's just practicing for her teen years. She likes to squeal and screech too. And don't let her get mad at you because she'll yell, not cry, yell. Yeah, she cries, but when she's mad, she lets out these one syllable screeches, which I'm sure is cussing in baby talk.
She manages to get around without actually crawling. She scoots and rolls and spins. She will sit for several minutes until she tries to grab her feet. She has a definite foot fetish and will try to pull her socks off, to chew on them, of course. She has started pushing off with her feet and lifting her butt in the air like Travis did when he was a baby. I'm sure crawling isn't too far off. Although she can feel free to wait a bit longer since everything she finds goes in her mouth, especially if it's crinkly and crumply, like paper.

And contrary to these recent pics, she doesn't always have a pacifier in her mouth. She likes to pop it out from between her gums then chew on the sides.

Teagan took the rest of these pictures. In case you couldn't tell.


Special K said...

Happy 7 mth bday Tess!

Wendy said...

lucky # seven! yay!