Thursday, November 12, 2009

15 months

My girl is 15 months old. I'm not sure how. I think she did it while I wasn't looking.

She has been wandering around the house today on two feet but as you can tell from the video, she does it only when she feels like it. Asserting her independence. As if waiting until 15 months wasn't assertive enough. Tanner walked at 10 months and the other kids walked right before their first birthdays, so having this 1 plus yr old who refused to walk was a bit odd.

She is working on tooth number 5, finally. It's been 5 months since we saw a new tooth. She's obviously not been in any rush to move from babyhood to toddler hood. Like she knows she's probably the last so she's making me cherish it, or maybe it's for Daddy's benefit. I mentioned moving her crib into Tate's room and he wasn't quite ready for that step.

I admit, I'm not quite ready for her to grow up either.

On a side note, my littlest man is sick. He woke me up with a hug, laid his head on my bed, then promptly turned around to projectile vomit all over my carpet. Poor baby. His belly hasn't been feeling too good today. I asked him if he wanted to lie down and he said no. I went to hang up some clothes, walked back through my room, and the little guy was passed out in my bed. He's been asleep for a few hours now. Hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

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Erykah said...

Oh I so now about treasuring the baby... we are just so happy with 5. I was thinking about this yesterday. The two oldest boys and the two girls and Mom or Dad with Baby and Mom or Dad with camera. It all just works!

Way to go Tess on walking!

(BTW I lightened the font on my blog, thanks for letting me know!)