Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween weekend recap

We took the little peeps out to trick or treat on Saturday. Tessie was a frog who didn't want to pose for pictures.
Travis was a scary skeleton.

Tanner was a vampire.

Tatum was a cheerleader. You can just make out Braeden behind her. He was the scarecrow and was way too interested in leaving to stand still for a picture.

Teagan was a moody skeleton. The only other pics I got that night were with my phone. My camera battery died. Darn.

Sunday we took our annual fall trip to Brumbaugh's fruit farm. It was the last day of the season so there were very few people there. And even though it was only in the 50's, it was a surprisingly nice day. Of course, I was wearing long johns under my clothes.

Tess got a kick out of "walking" with Daddy and Tanner. She still refuses to do it on her own though.

You might notice, it was a bit sunny.

The kids had a good time though, sliding down Monster Mountain
and taking turns on the zip line.

Most of them were happy to ride the caterpiller train.

The big kids played in the big hamster wheel thingie
While Tess spent some time playing in the corn crib.

Or rather, swimming in it.


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The fruit farm looked like a fun outing! Our Halloween got rained out pretty much. We hardly had any kids come by.


Erykah said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the swings! Happy Halloween!

Wendy said...

the farm looks like so much fun. i need to go there one year. the pics of all the kids are great too.