Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolving resolutions

Or should that be revolving?

So, almost 365 days ago, I decided to avoid the whole set up to fail resolution making tradition and just set a few little goals.

Hmmm, what were those?

  • Lose 10 pounds.
  • Pay down debt by paying off 2 credit cards.
  • Stay in school.

Check, check, check. I did lose 10 pounds. Twice. :op I would like to lose a bit more though, so I think I'm going to hang on to that goal. Paying down debt? Well, we did pay off a couple credit cards, but we acquired braces with some attached in house financing. And there are still a few pesky credit cards hanging around. So I think I'll stick with that goal too. And the last one? That was the easiest. I have to admit this last little bit of Fall quarter was really kicking my butt. I was pulled too many directions and felt like I was drowning. But, I still managed to pass with an A average and am moving into quarter #6, so I'm going to keep that goal too.

So for 2010:

  • Lose 10 pounds.
  • Pay off 2 credit accounts.
  • Stay in school.

Sounds pretty easy huh?


Erykah said...

Pretty awesome Carla... you at least to have a theme :) I wouldn't even know where to begin setting small goals. Paying off credit cards seems like a good one!

And braces are killer. We just had that expense this year too. And the two little boys have already been eyed by the Orthodontist! Forget college, we need to save for braces!

Wendy said...

Great job with the resolutions! You did in 2009, you can do it in 2010!

and Carla, you didnt like my hair pic? LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah in MT said...

I've been pretty impressed with your ability to set goals - and then to actually meet them! But all 3 are still good goals, so good luck to you in 2010! I know you'll succeed.