Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Concerts, candles, and .....

cool food? Cute kids? Confessions? Uh, it's been 11 days since I last blogged....

Anyway, a review of the last little bit. Thanksgiving was at our house this year, and I cooked. Everything! Well, Bobby made the mashed potatoes, but I made the rest.
It was yum, yum, yummy. Except for maybe the cornbread dressing, which I admit was too dry for my taste.

This is the apple pie that little Travis made. It was a big hit.

And the cherry cheesecake. Always a favorite. I think I'll be skipping pumpkin next year. Nobody really likes it anyway.

Tatum and Travis had their Christmas concerts over the weekend. See that little guy in the front row with the red shirt and tie? He's not mine. But Tatum is right behind him in the white sweater.
And here she is as Comet.

See the short guy in the back row between the two tall girls? He's mine. I think they purposely hid Travis back there so it wouldn't be as noticeable when his lips didn't move. I think he only sang about half the time.

Tatum's Daisy troop had a candlelit vigil for fallen police officers on Saturday right after the tree lighting. Thankfully it wasn't too long cuz it was freezing!

There's Tate on the left end of the circle with the purple glove.

And the gratuitous cute kid shot. Tess is turning into a real hell raiser. Yeah, she's cute and lovey dovey, but she likes to get into everything too. We decorated the tree over the weekend. I have only had to put the bottom row of ornaments back on 542 times. Well, maybe not quite that much.


Angie said...

Now I am hungry...lol. That cheesecake looked yummmy! I miss Christmas programs...my little guy had his last one last year. Sigh. Tess sure is growing...that little ornament thief..heehee! Sounds familiar...I think they all do that when they are small...lol!

Hugs ~Angie

Special K said...

Tell Tatum I said thank you (speaking on behalf of all my fellow officers) for the candlelight vigil. That was very sweet.

And since when has Tess had little pigtails? Too cute!

BOSSY said...

How sweet! Pie! And the kids and stuff are cute too.

Angie Carlson said...

Tess is adorable - I love her little pig tails! My little Greyson is into everything too. He's my little troublemaker - coloring on the walls, taking a permanent marker to my granite countertop, pushing chairs around to climb up and get into the knife drawer, throwing away important items, like iphones. *sigh* All I can say is, good thing that boy has dimples! I've given up on redecorating the bottom of the tree until 10 minutes before company arrives. :)

Sarah in MT said...

Glad to see you back! I've been missing your blog updates. Love the piggytails!

Mom aka Grandma said...

Those pigtails are crazy!!! Love em, I'll have to make her some new furry scrunchies for her piggies.