Friday, April 30, 2010

New toys

So my darling husband talked me into a travel travel AKA camper. I admit, it didn't take alot of talking. We used to have a motor home. For some of those misadventures, click here.

Anyway, I had secretly been thinking about a camper since we got our tax return but hadn't mentioned it to Bobby because if I give the man a bone, he runs with it. So about a week ago, he mentions he's been thinking about buying a camper because wouldn't it be fun to take the kids camping again while they are still young enough to enjoy it? So we talked a little, thought about the budget, then he took off running with his bone.

We found a used camper that we almost settled for. It had two bunks and slept 8, supposedly. I thought we had made up our minds but Bobby talked me into looking at a new camper. I was determined not to like it because it was almost twice as much as the used one. Unfortunately, I loved it. It has four bunks and an air mattress on the fold out couch, so it sleeps 10. With 5 kids, extra space is definitely beneficial to saving my sanity. Plus the bunk room has a DOOR! We can lock them in.

I'll post some inside pics soon, but this is really a story about a truck.
So, we're driving home from the dealer with our new travel trailer and Bobby says "We're probably only going to be able to take short trips because this is the max weight limit for the truck."
I ask, how short is short? Like an hour......
Uh, what? Could you maybe have mentioned this a couple thousand dollars ago? (yes, it's financed but throw in a down payment, insurance and a new tow hitch and there you go, money out of pocket)

So then starts the talk about we need a bigger truck. Wait a minute, bucko, that was NOT part of the deal.
Meanwhile, he still has the bone......

This is what our truck looked like Sunday when I went to work. If you remember a couple years ago, it was a pretty little black number. We seem to have a Suburban fetish. You gotta admit there is something sexy about the lines of a Chevy truck. Throw in a cowboy hat..... (Sorry, freak alert, this is a family blog).
This is what it looked like Monday morning when I got home from work. Still gold with a for sale sign in the window.
And this is what it looked like when I left for work Monday evening. A big red behemoth that may require a step stool to get into. It is pretty though, huh? Bobby did good. No money left the bank account. He sold his 1/2 ton and bought this 3/4 ton with a 454 for the exact same amount.
No, it doesn't really fit into our getting out of debt plan, but no one is promised tomorrow. I feel like you got to live a little while you're getting out of debt, know what I mean? What's the point of scrimping and saving if you miss out on enjoying life?


Kristina said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! How do you like it?? I'm ready to upgrade from our pop up, but I don't have a tow vehicle compatable to a TT that will fit all of us.

Special K said...

And it has enough room to sleep relatives, too! So when's our next camping trip? LOL!