Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trav's project

Travis has been working on a report about JFK for a couple weeks now. They did alot of the work at school but he had to finish the last part at home.
It involved making a poster board which he will present during their "wax museum".
We went to the craft store the other day and picked up some supplies. I figured I'd have to help him a little bit but before I could get a chance, he was almost done with it. I was pretty impressed since this is one of those kids who has to be reminded to finish his homework about 20 times.
I'm hoping to go check out the wax museum tomorrow during school. I wonder if he'll say Kennedy was Ass Ass inated like I told him. LOL I know, probably not appropriate but we thought it was pretty funny.


Special K said...

Wow! I'm impressed.

By the way.... what's a wax museum? I mean I know what THAT famous one is... but how does it relate to elementary school homework?

Erykah said...

LOL I love it... Ass Ass inated! The project looks great, bet he gets an A!