Saturday, July 03, 2010

Holiday cookout

Since I have to work on July 4th, we had a family cookout last night.
After we were sufficiently stuffed, out came the sparklers.
(This is the night setting, btw, in case you're wondering why the kids are morphing out of their bodies).


Teagan and Mekhi
Maya, Malika, Tatum, and Tess

Then came the real show. The dog wasn't sure what to think.
But the kids were pretty impressed.
Until it got loud.
"Tess was screaming, Mom!"
Before we even had breakfast today, it began.
"When can we do that again?"

1 comment:

Special K said...

Well was pretty fun.
I love the pic of Tatum holding Tess like she's about to carry her over the threshold. And Teagan with his protective arm around her. So stinkin' cute!