Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Bash 2011

Yesterday was the third annual Baby Bash. 
Started a few years ago when this motley crew came into the world. 

Tess, Logan, Reagan, and Madelyn 2009

The Originals
Logan, Reagan, Tess, and Madelyn

There have been a few additions since then. 





It was a perfect day for a cookout.
We ate.....
Gracie 2011
Big Sis Maddy in 2010.
Those Smith girls like their cupcakes.
Some of us thought toes were better than cupcakes.
We played 

We laughed 

We chit chatted 

Whoa buddy, that's not chit chat.
Missed the money shot but trust me, he kissed the girl.
Logan, the true lady's man. 
There were some big kids, but they have a tendency to avoid the adults during these kinds of things. 
And lest you think that getting four 3 and almost 3 yr olds together for a pic is easy.... 

Almost got em all..... 
Nope, maybe not. 
There were about 5 other shots of intolerant kids too but you get the point.
And don't let Logan fool you. He knew there was a cupcake waiting for him if he stood still for the picture.


Kristin said...

wish we could have been there, hannah would have loved to finally be part of the baby bash

Erykah said...

So cute Carla!! I love the then and now shots!