Friday, August 19, 2011

I missed it

Last week my blog celebrated 5 years, with very little pomp and circumstance. I guess since I actually didn't notice, we'll have to celebrate with a party!! Or at least some party pics.
Prepare to be bombarded.
Tess's 3rd birthday was August 10th.

We celebrated at the park 
in an outfit made by Grandma  
with cupcakes from Gigi's

Chocolate salted caramel anyone? 
Tess was a bit shy for her shining moment 
But she did manage to blow out the candle with a little help from big sis. 
Cousin Mia came out to celebrate with us! 
A few other friends came out to enjoy the fun too. 
Kenley and Logan 

And Owen and Missy 
He was super excited, can't you tell? Until we told him he couldn't have a cupcake. :op

And then came the presents 

A bit of a Dora obsession 

After the wrapping paper was cleaned up and the cupcakes stuffed into our bellies,
we headed into the Tippecanoe Aquatic Center for some awesome fun. 

There was something for everyone.

Even cousin Braeden came out to play. These two were like fish though.
We rarely saw them out of the water which made it difficult to snap pics. 

Everybody had a great time welcoming Tess into her fourth year.

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