Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Travis!

Travis turned 7 on Feb 26. He celebrated with a trip to the Monster Truck show on Saturday. Tanner and their friend Devin tagged along. Travis had been looking forward to this for a month. His favorite part was when Grave Digger "did a burn out in a circle". Tanner said, "you mean, a donut?" LOL
Then on Sunday, Grandma and Uncle Travis took him out for pizza, all by himself. They went to Cici's Pizza Buffet. Travis told me that they had "deep dish pizza that was really good".

I had to work on his actual birthday, so we celebrated last night with cake and ice cream. Aunt Krista came over and brought her gift. The boys have been collecting dinosaur gifts for the last couple years. Travis was pretty impressed with the one Tanner got for his birthday. Krista showed him the pic on the box of the one she picked out for him and asked him if it was cool. He said no. A week and a half in between didn't change his mind, he still thinks the Mastodon is not cool. Luckily, Tanner said they could swith because he likes it better. He also got a Hot Wheels race track, a Robo Reptile (just like Uncle Travis who apparently bought one for himself too), and a Grave Digger RC car (truck?). What is a Grave Digger, anyway?

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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Travis!! WOW!! Can't believe you got to go to the monster truck show!!! How cool is that??!! I'm sure you had a GREAT time!! Have a great year!