Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow days

Who remembers eating snow?

The kids have been off school for 3 days now due to the weather. Monday was below zero, I think -10 with the wind chill. Tuesday it snowed all day long and today the snow sits. They got outside for a bit yesterday and played. I had to let Buddy in after awhile. She was so excited, she kept knocking the kids down. They seemed to have a good time, except for when Tatum took a tumble and got snow in her face. I was surprised she didn't try to make snow angels because she talks about it all the time. Of course, they wanted hot cocoa when they came in. Oops, no instant packets. I tried making the recipe on the cocoa tin, but eww, the kids didn't like it. Warm chocolate milk is so much easier. :op


Alison said...

How awesome!
My kids are definately envious!!! lol
My kids make sand/rock/toy angels... LOL Yes, quite an imagination :)

Krista said...

Stay away from the yellow snow Tate!