Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tanner is 10!

Tanner had a birthday yesterday. It's hard to believe that ten years ago, I became a mother. My oldest, my first born, the start of it all. We let him pick a restaurant to go to, and while he initially picked his favorite, Golden Corral, he eventually changed his mind and decided on Mexican food. Of course, he had to order off the adult menu, since he's not a little kid anymore. After eating, and finishing enough food on his plate that he surely could have ordered off the kid menu, Grandma and Aunt Krista surprised him with a birthday cake and presents.

I can't believe how much he has grown. He is almost as tall as me, and has gone through three pant sizes in the last year. He is one smart kid too. Although he hates to do math in school, he is a whiz at it. He LOVES video games, and finishes them pretty quickly. Of course, you can't communicte with him while he's playing because he enters a trance like zone where human communication is impossible.

I adore this boy. Tanner is intelligent, sensitive, independant, and witty. He taught me how to be a mother. He was my first, my practice model. I only hope, that the learning process didn't screw him up for life.


Krista said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!

I had almost as much fun as you did at your crazy Mexican party.

Grandma said...

So did I, can't wait for the next one. Travis is next, then Teagan. Can we have another pitcher???

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! I can't believe you are 10 already!!! Now you're a double digit dude!!!