Sunday, May 25, 2008

27 weeks

My last CNM appt was on Thursday. I got to drink the yummy glucose beverage and then wait, while the completely inefficient lab got around to drawing my blood. I thought I would die from heartburn first. Luckily, I passed because there's no way I would do that again. My appt went well. Amazingly, only gained 2.2 pounds, despite eating like a cow, er, I mean, a pregnant woman. I think that's a total of 14 pounds, so far. The baby's heartbeat sounded great. We've got another US scheduled in a couple weeks, for no other reason than the chance to get a pic of the little bean with the 3d US. I figure, I saved my insurance enough money last time by delivering in my tub, they can handle the extra expense of a second US.

The question is, to peek or not to peek?


Special K said...


Did I tell you I think you should peek?

Mom aka Grandma said...

Me personally, I'd like to PEEK!!!

Kristina said...

Yes, peek!!!!!

Lisa B. said...

By all means, PEEK!!!! I like surprises, but this is #5 for God's sake! As a matter of fact, don't just peek....look with BOTH eyes WIDE open!!!