Monday, May 05, 2008

And so it begins

Baseball season that is. Tonight was Trav's season opener. It was amazingly more interesting than T-Ball. Although, apparently coach pitch ball has this weird in field time out rule. Like, if you catch the ball or throw the ball infield, you can call time out and the players have to stop running the bases. The other team had perfected this before the game ever started. Since most of our practices were rained out, our team was kind of like, huh? The good thing about it was, they actually completed the plays. Even if they over threw to first base, they tried to make the play. The other team called time as soon as they got the ball, which isn't really preparing you for regular baseball, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera out in the first inning, which is when Trav actually made a few catches and some good throws. He was playing outfield, I guess right center. There were actually 5 outfielders so it was a little confusing for me. He was basically behind the short stop so got a few line drives his way.
One thing we do need to work on is his swing. He tends to let go of the bat with one hand, which is what alot of the boys did. Despite this being coach pitch ball, the coach isn't that great of a pitcher and struck out alot of his own players. I'm sure Trav will improve alot before the end of the season. He LOVES baseball, so he actually wants to hit the ball and make the catches.

Next game, Friday evening.

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Laura McIntyre said...

It looks like a great activity for kids, Baseball is so rarely played around here by anyone.