Monday, May 05, 2008

Blogging versus phone calls

My sister has suggested that I should deliver "big" news via phone versus on the blog. Kind of like she does when she calls to tell me she's traveling out of state. Oh, no, wait, I generally find out she is returning from out of state, after I read her blog.

Anyway, it made me stand back and think, about how disconnected we all are. I never really enjoyed talking on the phone. When they invented email, I thought WOW! I never have to talk on the phone again. And then, when I discovered blogging, I found out, I don't even need to send out individual emails. If you want to know about the interesting things going on in my life, and some not so interesting, like the indigestion I am battling right now despite the fact that I swore I would never eat granola again because it always does this to me.... you could just check in on the blog and I could avoid all human contact. I am a loner like that.

Alright, if you call me on the phone, I will talk to you. I just won't like it. Oh, and I did tell her I was pregnant before I blogged it. In person no less.

Oh, as for baseball, there's a game tonight. I know, short notice. There are also games Friday evening and Saturday morning and 2-3 times/week there after. The ballet recital is June 14 at 7 pm. Call me. Or maybe I'll just email you.


Special K said...

Yeah I got your e-mail.
You suck. LOL!

Lisa B. said...

I swear you crack me up!! Your sense of humor is so funny to me! BTW, work has now blocked me from reading blogs so I came to the library tonight to catch up instead of trying to fire up my ancient computer at home! hence, all my messages at once!