Monday, January 26, 2009

My birthday

This year is the big 3-5. So I thought it only appropriate to spread the celebrating out over a week. Besides, my birthday was on a Wednesday, and who celebrates on a Wednesday? Plus, I was sleeping on my actual birthday since I worked the night before.

To recap, Friday, my big sis, took me to a tattoo parlor. Strange birthday present, huh? My mom, sis, and brother all chipped in.

Krista got a tattoo a while back to represent her nephews and nieces. Since I birthed her nephews and nieces, I thought I should probably have one too. So, I got one to match hers. Only not completely. Since they were drawn free hand, they are slightly different. And her tat is on her forearm. I wasn't sure it would look too professional flashing tats in a Catholic hospital, so mine is on my leg. And yes, I am that white. It's winter, and I'm a redhead.

Ignore my snowman socks. There is a cursive T in the middle to represent "The T's", and a flower with each of their birthstone colors, in descending birth order, no less. It hurt, not as bad as labor, but it hurt. Especially the filling in of the flowers. Owww. According to my husband and my mother, I don't handle pain well. Hmm, birthed 5 babies, 4 of them with no epidural, and I don't handle pain well. I reminded them that I work in labor and delivery and I know what can't handle pain sounds like. Apparently, in their world, you have to be completely silent to prove that you can handle pain. Whatever.
Saturday, despite making the comment that made me want to kick him in the groin, I did allow my darling husband to take me out for dinner and a movie. We saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was curious, and sad, and long, very long. I won't give away the ending, but let's just say, if you're born old and you become younger as you age, where do you suppose you'll end up?

And on that note, wouldn't it be nice? To be young, and be able to fall asleep in any position, anywhere?

Sunday was spent catching up on some Statistics homework. What fun! Although, I did get an A on the rough draft of my leadership paper. The one that I wrote in 4 hours. So, I don't have to rewrite it. Yay! That was a nice birthday present.
Monday night is girl's night out with my girls. We're going out for some dinner and yummy Margaritas. Perhaps I should invite the big sis, AKA the Margarita Queen along.
Check out Krista's blog for more pics of tattoos and cute kids.


Sarah in MT said...

Happy belated birthday to you, Carla! So much for my "going to try to remember my cousins' birthdays this year" idea. Blew it in January already. Sort of like your budget diet. Oh well, best intentions.

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday!! I love the tat!! And the ankle hurts the worse! Youch!

Ang said...

Happy Birthday to you!! You can handle the pain better than I. No tattoo for me unless it washes off with water.

LIZ said...

I want to go out for drinks!!!! I have 5 tats now....and trust me getting one on your foot hurts the worst....Happy Birthday!!!!! Lets see that makes it what 28 years that we have known each other :P

Love ya...Liz

Erykah said...

Love the tattoo! Like you, I need a nice N instead of listing children! And no epidurals means you handle pain extraordinarily well!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday. Love the tatoo.