Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another birthday and some updates

First off I'd like to say,

Happy Birthday to my baby Daddy!

It's been 15 long years and he still hangs around. Of course, what guy wouldn't if he got to sit around watching TV and buying motorcycles?

Just teasing, honey.

I know you do alot more than watch TV. In fact, the house would be a disaster and the kids would go unfed most days if it weren't for you. I'm not taking back the motorcycle comment though. You know that is a thorn in my side. :op

I know I don't tell you enough, but I appreciate all that you do, Bobby. I could not raise these kids alone, and there is no way I could make it through school without your help.

You gave me beautiful babies, and you put up with my poor attitude, and for that, I love you.
Speaking of my babies, the littlest T had her 6 month check up Monday. She is still a peanut, just 26 inches long and 13lbs 7 oz. And here I was thinking I needed to buy her bigger clothes.

And speaking of spending money, let's just say, budget, smudget. It is out the window this month. I have blown it completely. Let me count thy ways.

  1. Frickers
  2. Taco Bell
  3. KFC
  4. McD's
  5. Donato's

We've eaten out enough in one weekend to cover the next few months. But let me explain. Bobby went out to Frickers with his buddies, and I'm calling that his birthday present. (Uh, yeah honey, that was your birthday present). I hung out with the sis all day Saturday and was starving so stopped by Taco Bell, but only for a cheesy gordita crunch (and a birthday burrito supreme for her). KFC? Well, there was really no excuse for that. We could have cooked instead. Sunday was Tanner's birthday dinner which should explain the McD's and Donato's. What? That doesn't explain it? You mean, other people don't go through McD's for happy meals and then order pizza? Well, all I have to say is, weirdos.

The birthdays did us in. And we still have one more to go this month. And that's going to be the worst one because that kid wants to go to Bounce*U.

So Saturday, Bad Influence and I went to the outlet mall. Outlet mall and budget don't really go in the same sentence. I spent way too much on a child who refuses to grow into the next size up.

Yes, this child.Check out the drooping eye lids.




Oops, there might have been a little boobage in that first shot. Ignore that. I am not a blanket over the head kinda Mom.

A couple other check ins, we're still throwing too much food away,and we're still freezing our buns off, despite the $400 gas bill. Vectren bastards.

And school? Going surprisingly well, actually. I got a 98% on my last essay. Hurrah! No final drafts for me. Only two more assignments in Leadership. AND, I am halfway through the modules in Statistics. After my little breakdown, I guess I had an epiphany and it all became clear to me. Well, clear as mud, but at least I could finish the assignments.

Off to finish more Stats!


Libby said...

Thanks for all your sweet thoughts. I always enjoy your comments. I then always pop over to see how your sweet family is doing. I love big families and God willing would love to have one of my own. Thanks for your inspirations! (Ps. no breastfeeding mom would really care about the boobage!)

Mom aka Grandma said...


I'd have to agree with all he has to put up with, but he's such a good sport. I know you would never be able to finish school without his help. And for that and for the great DAD that you are, I love you, too.

Wendy said...

awww, those were nice words about bobby! you do love him! ha ha ha

Liz said...

Happy Birthday to Bobby!!!!

Special K said...

Happy Birthday BD!
I hope the old ball and chain let's you do something fun. LOL!

Sarah in MT said...

What sweet sentiments - but still fired up about the damn motorcycle(s), huh? I'm lucky if I get to see you 1/yr and that topic comes up every time! Too funny. Also have to mention that when I read Krista's blog last night about the outlet, I wondered how much $$ you spent or if you really managed to just window shop? Knew she couldn't, of course! No judgments, just knew the budget had been a big topic lately. Life just keeps getting in the way, doesn't it!!

Lorie said...

I hope he had a great birthday! I have never heard of Frickers! Just by the name is sounds fun though!

Laura McIntyre said...

Happy Birthday to your man, i love the breastfeeding shots - found a video of my eldest asking then taken a fed (i was filming so weird angle ) and it made me tear up.

Tess is a small fry, Ru was 17lbs last time he was weighed and that was a while ago ...he was about 4 months i think.

Erykah said...

No sauna nursing session? I seemingly keep buying clothes for the littlest one in the same stupid size. Best dressed kid in 0-3 months LOL Too funny! Happy Birthday to your husband!

Cathy said...

My peanut or pea pod as we called him only weighed 18 lbs on his first birthday. Today he his over 6 foot and very healthy.