Monday, February 16, 2009

The T Between

This little T, my dimpley, cuddly, perpetually happy baby boy is now this big T, my dimpley, standoffish, persnickety tween.
He turns 12 today. Or turned 12, at 6:52 this morning to be exact. He could choose whatever he wanted to do for his birthday. Since Kings Island is closed for the season, he opted to go to Grandma's.He has a toy stash there that he likes to keep away from the prying hands of siblings. The siblings did go too, though, for pizza and cake. (Check out Tate and Teag "rocking" their big sibling Tshirts they got from Aunt Krista.)

The next to last T had to help put the candles on.

And yeah, that is a store bought cake.
I tried to make his birthday cake. Apparently, if it is not completely cooled and you flip one layer upside down on the other, it will just crack and fall apart. Yes, there is a piece missing, but you can still see the devastation that was my attempt at a homemade birthday cake.

Tanner picked out carrot cake which didn't go over too well with the younger, pickier crowd. They weren't too keen on the raisins. (Teagan and Travis said my cake was way better.)

He was pretty happy with his birthday gifts. Grandma got him some more K*nex, which is the new obsession. He got money from everyone else, $100 total, which he thought was way cool.

Uncle Travis was there with his camera too. We'll have to check out his flicker page and see if he adds some pics soon.

This is how you know your big kid is now a tween:

Mom: You really made out with the money.

Tanner: Made out. Hehehehe




LIZ said...

Hapy Birthday to Tanner....Mine will be 13 in April....YIKES they grow up too fast.

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Tanner Banan-er!

Cathy said...

We were just talking about the K.I. passes.. it's that time.

Wendy said...

happy birthday tanner, wow, 12 years old! i remember when i was 12...time flies!

Angie said...

I have one of those tweens myself...sigh. Where does the time go anyway....Happy B-Day Tanner!

p.s. the cake still looked tasty even with the huge!

Erykah said...

Happy Birthday Tanner... 12 is HUGE!

Lisa B. said...

Happy 12th Birthday, Tanner...what a milestone! Carla, the shirt that Tatum is wearing is the exact one that Michele bought for Laila to wear when Branson was born. I think there is a picture of her wearing it on my camera.

Boy, with the digital cameras I'm slow to get pictures printed but when I had a 35mm I was always running to the store to get the film developed. Are there others like that, too?

Sarah in MT said...

Noticed the booze and cigs on the counter - were those presents for the 'tween, too?! Or just something to help the old folks get through as the kids get older?! Trust me, you're gonna want that by the time they grow up and leave home!