Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A budget recap

So the budget for January was eye opening. Our regular bills were just that, regular. We went way over budget on groceries. Now, is that because we didn't eat out much, or because I was really oblivious to how much money I was really spending to feed a family of 7? Probably the latter. I budgeted $600 to feed this large family. Bwaa ha ha ha. Okay, so maybe $900 was a more realistic figure. But darn, that's alot of money. That's more than my mortgage. How scary is that?

Anyway, it didn't go too badly. Even though I under budgeted for food, I apparently don't know how much money I make either because I under budgeted that too. So, in the end, it all worked out.

There were a few transgressions. The trip to Target, of course. Although, like I mentioned before, needs or wants? Probably things I would have needed to buy eventually anyway. I did go out to dinner twice, okay, three times. Twice for my birthday, cuz I'm that special, and once because my SISTER is a bad influence and made me go to Olive*Garden on THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH! So much for a spending freeze.

However, I would like to point out that one of my coworkers paid for my second birthday dinner. The dinner out with the hubby and dinner with the bad influence were covered by my birthday check from the grandfolks. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)

Bad influence also coerced me into going to Babies R Us. Yes, we did need a gift certificate for a baby shower, but Krista was all like, "there's this great sale, we really need to go look......". Seriously. She twisted my arm. I did buy some things that I don't necessarily need, yet. But Tess will be moving into bigger sizes soon, so I got her some onesies, pants, an outfit, and a pair of cute little gymmie shoes that were on clearance for $4.00. The Diva, AKA Tatum, conned me out of $15 for an insulated thermos straw cup. It is stainless and it is BPA free, and she has used it for every drink she's had since I bought it. So I guess it wasn't a total waste.

So, between the baby store, Target, and the 1 night of ordering out at work, I didn't do too terribly bad. Oh, forgot to mention the Skyline and McD's I had to pick up for the munchkins on the way to gram's house. That was the first time this month I have gotten them anything. I was amazed when I realized how often we used to eat out. 1-2 times a week really adds up. No wonder I have "extra" money now.

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Lumpy said...

And it only took you thirty five years to figure all this out. Another thirty five and maybe you will be out of debt!