Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Travis!

This little Tis now this little bit bigger T.
And isn't it sad that I had to go back to December to find a pic of my second son. Sucks to be the second born, don't I know?

My mellow, melancholy baby has grown into my sensitive, snuggable boy. While his big brother is way too cool to give out hugs and kisses, Travis is willing to pick up the extras. The plight of the over looked second child.
He is a 9 year old today, which is just way too close to 10, which is one digit closer to being a teen. Ugh. How are they growing so fast right underneath my nose?
Happy Birthday Trav! We love you!


Special K said...

Happy Birthday Travis!
See you this weekend to celebrate.

Wendy said...

happy b-day to travis, i love your bday dedications btw. :o)