Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Day of Fun

Despite it being June, yesterday was a dreary day. Only 64 degrees and rainy. What a great day for an amusement park. Ok, not really, but it was the kids first day out of school. And I had a coupon, and with a family of 7, well, you know how that goes.

There aren't many pics of the big boys. They spent most of the day with Daddy riding the big coasters.
They were nice enough to ride a few with their little brother and sister.

Tanner and Dad in the white car, Travis in the red with the red hoodie.

Tate and Trav with Daddy and Teagan coming around the back
I could have sworn Teagan was too short for this, but apparently not.
I swear, one of those kids is mine.

Tess wasn't too sure what to make of Dora. Neither was Teagan.

We had a packed lunch in the car. Much cheaper than a $22 pizza and $6 fries.

Before the hat was lost
After the hat blew off
Apparently, all my kids are daredevils. The little ones rode the kiddie coasters, and the big boys tackled most of the big ones, including The Beast, and the Son of Beast.

They were surprisingly well behaved with only a minor meltdown from Teagan and a pout from Travis when they both learned they were too short to ride Diamondback, the tallest, fastest, meanest coaster. Tanner and Dad rode it though. Tanner with his eyes closed.
While the weather sucked for the water park, it was great for the lines. The big coaster lines which can be several hours on a sunny summer day were less than 30 minutes. Tatum and Teagan hopped off alot of rides and ran right around to get back on without waiting in a line at all. Tatum LOVED the Fairly Odd Coaster (AKA The Beastie for us old folks). I think she rode it 7 or 8 times.
We had a really good time and stayed til closing. The kids didn't seem to mind the cold and rain at all, and I really don't think they even missed going to the water park.


Special K said...

Ahhh... King's Island. The best place in the world from a kid's perspective.

I love the looks on their faces on some of those rides. Cracking me up.

Wendy said...

Kings Island fun already huh? You are on top of it! I hope to make it there this summer.....who knows if we will! looks like a ton of fun!

Diana said...

Looks like a FUN day:) I love Kings Island!!! We are hoping to get therse this summer too.