Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What's new in the last week

Someone's new roof is done!
The old.... The new...
Isn't it purty?
Someone lost her first tooth.
Someone is standing!


Special K said...

I'm stealing one of these pics for my blog. Just so ya know. ;) I can't believe Tess is standing!

Did Tatum lose her tooth before my phone conversation with her yesterday? She couldn't have. I'd think she would've been all about telling me that. How much did she get from the tooth fairy?

Wendy said...

wow, tess is standing already! the roof looks good. and tatum lost her tooth! jacob has lost 3 so far and one is really wiggly loose right now. the tooth fairy took 3 days to come by the house for that last tooth, she must have been busy! and she only gave jacob $1 for that last tooth.