Monday, June 08, 2009

Today's the day

For braces! And someone please confirm that this preteen face is actually my little boy because I'm not so sure that he is. This boy went for gold and silver bands on his brackets. He told me next time, he'll stick with just gold. He's all about the bling. Amazingly, he ate lunch, then went and brushed his teeth. Without being told! Apparently, I should have had a cute orthodontic tech telling him how important brushing is all this time.

It gets a little random from here.....

Someone missed her nap.

Playing at grandma's house

And check out this amazing deal! I paid $7.50 for a Children's Place dress with the $19.50 tag still attached. How cool is that?


Liz said...

How is it that he is old enough for braces...Ze'vyer still has baby teeth left :O
Childrens place rocks....we have an outlet here and I bought all of Ze'vyers schhol uniforms there....get this last summer I bought 4 pais of kahkis, 4 shirts and a long sleeve collard shirt all for under $50.00 What a deal. It would be the last year I buy from there....he in now out grown the largest size they carry : (

Wendy said...

he is going to be driving before you know it! gosh, kids grow too fast!