Monday, June 22, 2009

A Heavy Subject

I'm talking about me. I'm heavy. Not as heavy as I was 3 months ago, but I've hit the wall. While I have lost about 20 pounds since my pre-Tess weight, I'm just hovering now, between 171-173. I've been slacking on the whole diet thing. Can't remember when I counted points last. And my daily walk? Hmm, let's just say, my walking shoes are getting dusty.

For a little inspiration, I've joined a weight loss challenge at work. (That work place that I am not allowed to mention on a blog. By the way, the views expressed here are solely the contributors and do not reflect the opinions of her employer.) I hope you all won't be able to figure out my place of employment now that I've mentioned there is a weight loss challenge going on.

Enough of the snarkiness, is that even a word? I bet Krista would say it is. She says snarky all the time. See??? No wonder I can't lose weight. I can't even stay on track long enough to blog. Geesh.

I've come to the realization that altering my diet is only a part of it. I'm apparently, going to have to exercise. Dammit. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. I've been ogling the 30 day shred for awhile now. But would I actually use it, or would it sit on the shelf next to Yoga Booty Ballet and Windsor Pilates? Perhaps I should try one of the videos I already have. Of course, that would mean clearing a space in the little kids room since most of them are on VHS and they have the only TV with a VCR. That in itself, could be considered exercise.

I'll let you know what I decide.

And on a lighter note, Tatum scratched her leg earlier. Didn't even know how she did it, just happened to notice that she had a long scratch behind her knee. She then had to walk with a limp because, you know, she was seriously injured. Teagan said, "My sister's crazy".

Yes son, I couldn't agree more.


Special K said...

Dude... you're not even close to heavy. You should be very proud of your weight loss.

And snarkiness is absolutely a word.

Sarah in MT said...

Not saying your should, not saying you shouldn't ('cuz I know how I feel when I even get a hint from someone that I need to lose weight!). All I'm saying is you looked fabulous at Grandma's party, better than I can ever remember. Seriously, I was completely impressed! So if you do nothing more than maintain the loss you've already achieved, you can claim success, in my opinion.

Rue said...

Hi Carla :)

I hear ya on the weight loss. I think you should be proud about the 20 lbs you've lost though. It's hard to do!


Laura McIntyre said...

You have done great losing the 20lbs,i would love to be about 170 right now :)

I find it funny how kids can hurt themselves and don't even realise it , but other times its a tiny bump that makes them meltdown