Sunday, August 08, 2010

Baby Bash '10

First off, week one's official weigh in was 171.4.
Down 3.4 pounds!

And then..........
There was the second annual baby bash.
I didn't catch too many pics of the big kids. There was some speed and water involved.
Fo future reference, water ballons are a huge hit with the 5-12 crowd.
But who wants to see big kids anyway, when there are babies....
And more babies?
Not to mention a toddler
or two
or three
or four?
Here's the newest bunch.
Taira and Kenley Dawn 4 wks, Courtney and Bailey Ryan 9 wks, Wendy and Gracelynn Jade 11 wks

And the older crew.
Blake 20mths, Madelyn 22 mths, Tess 2
This is the only time I caught the almost two's all in one spot.

Tess's birthday is actually Tuesday, so we had some cupcakes to celebrate.
She'll be two on twosday. :op
I guess she gets a little embarrassed when people break into the Happy Birthday song.
This is her telling the big girls to "Stop".

Toddlers and cupcakes, mmmmm
Tess loves her new big girl bike
Hang on to the toddler years as long as you can Mamas,
For too soon we will be........
See you next year.
We're all tuckered out.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

awwwww, those were some awesome pics! i am going to have to steal some.

thankyou for hosting the annual bash it was a good time!!!!

and happy birthday tess!!!