Monday, August 16, 2010

Reunion '10

Week two weigh in: 171.6 lbs.
Yep, that's actually a 0.2 lb gain.....but.......
There was the baby bash last weekend after the weigh in
We went to Kings Island one day were I nibbled ice cream and soft pretzels
And there is another weight loss challenge starting at work. You know how that goes. You don't want to accidently lose weight before it starts because then it won't count. :op

Moving on....

This past weekend, as in yesterday, both my Dad and my cousin Alicia were in from out of town so we threw together an impromptu family reunion. At. my. house. Which means we had to clean it.
Two weekends in a row.
There were lots of kids and thankfully, plenty for them to do since it started raining midway through.
Darci and Tess
Teagan and Braeden
Tatum and Laila
Tatum and Darci
The big boys were entertained with video games. Notice the concentration.
While the big kids were enrapt with the Playstation, and the littlest cousin was passed out on the couch, the 5-8 yr old crowd began a pretty tough cornhole tournament.
Yeah, they might have cheated a little bit.
I'm pretty sure that's not the official distance between boards.
And uh, winning just meant that your beanbag went in the hole.
Braeden and Teagan
Darci and Tate
We had a pretty good turnout despite the short notice. I'm glad everybody was able to get together in one place to see the out of town members of the family. It's not often enough that they get to come home to visit.
After all the cousins, aunts and uncles headed home, Tess was presented with some extra birthday gifts since Grandpa and Aunt Krista weren't here last week.
She was pretty excited about the My Pal puppy.
And as soon as Mom figures out the whole downloading thingy it might actually teach her to spell her name.


Debbie said...

Thanks Carla!! A great time was had by all!!

Sarah in MT said...

So fun to see the next generation of cousins. Looks like everyone had a good time. I'm sorry I missed it all, but the pictures help me feel closer. Thanks for posting.