Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week of firsts

This last week was a week of firsts.
First off: week 3 weigh in 169lbs!
First time I've been in the 160's in awhile.
This week was also the first day of school for the big kids.
And another first. Can you tell?
How about now?
Hint: Look at her ears.
And this week was the beginning of soccer season with first games for everyone.


Wendy said...

oh my....i dont know how in the world you are getting all the kids to practice and games!

Tatum looks so pretty with her newly pierced ears!

and great job on the 169!

Debbie said...

Love Tatum's new earrings! Congrats on the piercing!! Good luck at the soccer games and have fun!!! That's the important part! :)