Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tatum is what?

Eight? Seriously, eight?
Yes, it's official.
We squeezed her birthday celebration in between cookie baking and bedtime on Monday,
and at 3:19 am today it really happened. My biggest girl became an 8 yr old.

She is getting a little big for her britches, figuratively at least, so it must be so.

She chose the Christmas bulb cake herself. Fitting for the girl who decided not to wait until her New Year's Eve due date, but to come out in plenty of time to get her own Christmas presents.

She's been impatient ever since.

The girl loves to sing and dance so we gifted her a karaoke machine, which she has been annoying her brothers with since first plugging it in.

Oh, what will the future hold for you Myra Tatum Princess?
Happy birthday my little Tatey bug.
We  love you to pieces.

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Special K said...

Happy Birthday Tatum!