Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookie baking 2010

Monday was the night for our annual Christmas cookie baking festivities.
We included cousin Braeden in the mix this year.

Which made things a little difficult for a couple little peeps.

They would much rather play together than make cookies.

If I remember correctly, Tess sat out last year and watched from her high chair.

This year, she joined right in.

They all disappeared for a bit before the cookies were done, but returned eager to jump into the decorating.
With a little bit of mixing...

Whoops, some one's got the wrong idea...

They all got busy with the decorating....

At least for a cookie or two.

And then boredom set in and they were off again.

But looking at some of their creations, can you blame us for letting them go?

The rest were finished by us grown-ups.

I'll let you guess which ones the kids made.

After a very draining experience baking and decorating all those cookies, the kids snuggled together to watch Polar Express (for Braeden's 37th time).
I swear that kid could retell the entire movie in its entirety as it is playing, including his most favorite parts,
all 98 of them.
Next year should be an even bigger adventure when we add Mia to the mix.

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you have a nice family,nice had a wonderful day