Monday, January 03, 2011


Or is that resolutions? Whatever. Looking back to last January, I found my goals for 2010:

Lose 10 pounds.

Pay off 2 credit accounts.

Stay in school.

Not surprisingly, they were my goals for 2009 as well and I plan to revolve them right back around to 2011. Go with what you know, eh? You know me, ever the recycler.

I heartily failed at goal #1 last year. Not only did I not lose 10 pounds, I actually gained 10. I made a sorry attempt at losing weight towards the end of last summer and again right before the holidays. Alas, my heart wasn't in it, so I failed, again. That little weight loss tracker over there on the right? Ignore it. It will be stricken from view shortly. I'm starting with a clean slate.

Paying down debt? I'm always working towards that. And although we acquired a little more debt when we bought our camper, I did manage to pay off Tanner's braces. Good thing too since Travis has an orthodontist appointment today. Let's hope we can go another year before #2 needs braces. In case you don't know, orthodontia is flippin expensive. Multiply that x 5 kids.....

Anyway, in order to focus on reducing our debt, I have become a crazy mad coupon cutter. I still seem to spend quite a bit at the grocery but that's because I haven't figured out how to make my family survive on cleaning products and toothpaste. For whatever reason, there are rarely coupons for meat and produce. You know, the things you actually eat.

I'm also reimplementing the spending freeze, which has become a January tradition. It just feels right to move past that huge spending month of December by spending less. And it only makes good sense as we move further into the Great Recession to be proactive about spending responsibly and saving what we can.

I'll be starting that on the 4th though since I know I'll be cheating today. Orthodontist appointments at 4pm, 30 minutes away home + work at 7 pm = drive thru dinner. And I just had to get a yummy congratulatory Cold Stone cake to welcome a certain little someone into an absolutely awesome family.
And goal #3? Without question, the easiest. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel now. When I started this journey, my littlest T was only 5 weeks old, it seemed like the end was so far off. But, I have it in my sights. This quarter I'll be finishing off two classes before moving on to clinicals next quarter! Woot, woot! Class of 2011, here I come!
How's your 2011 shaping up?


Diana said...

We have found that buying a side of beef is so much cheaper then buying meat at the pay alot 1 time but then you do not need meat again. We are only a family of 4 but we ALWAYS have extra here for dinner. I know a lot of people are going into the co-ops for produce. I know it is more of a summer thing but I know the one in our area has a waiting list.
Good Luck:)

Andrea said...

Good luck with the resolutions! Mine include weight loss and debt reduction as well. Can you elaborate on the spending freeze?